About The Band

Florida’s Premiere Classic Party Rock Band consists of 4 talented musicians. 

Tom MacKnight “Tommy Mack”,  

Tom MacKnight, lead guitarist, The Verge

founder and former lead guitarist of The Guilty Pleasures, hails from Norwalk, CT.  Tom has in the past, has been a session guitarist working with artists such as Dan Hartman, Vicki Sue Robinson, Felix Cavaliere, and others during his studio days. During those same years, Tom performed throughout the NYC Tri-State Area with a top club act as a lead guitarist.  Tom’s influences are widespread with artists such as Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Steve Lukather, Dann Huff, and others.  Tom has a few songs where he is lead vocalist and along with Johnny, shares lead guitar duties.  But during the night, Tom shows his talent using the Talk Box, a device that put Peter Frampton on the map and expect the crowd to go wild.  A Classic Rock Classic!

Tom MacKnight The Verge

Tom MacKnight, lead guitarist, The Verge

John McNulty “Johnny Mac” spent decades performing, leading bands and doing session work in the New York Tri-State music scene alongside some of the best in the business, including numerous Broadway pros and current and former members of Hall & Oates, Southside Johnny, Jose Feliciano, Steely Dan, Johnny Winter, Average White Band, Original Blues Brothers and many others. Well versed in all styles of music, performing with The Verge finds Johnny back to his rock and roll roots, where it all began. Classic party Rock is Johnny’s roots and you can tell that classic rock is in his DNA!

Johnny Mac, The Verge

Johnny Mac, The Verge

John “JP” Polis, drummer  was born in DC, grew in Port Charlotte, started his music career on drums at 14.  played in jazz bands, rock bands, classic rock bands, country bands, top 40 dance bands.  JP is influenced by drummers such as Dave Wekyl, Dennis Chambers, Neil Peart to name a few.  JP has played in many SW FL local bands such as American Made, The Boogiemen, Aftershock, Tropical Ave,  Wicked Karma, 66 Decibels, Boothill band.  JP has also jammed a little with Experienced Unlimited and Chuck Brown and the soul searchers. Did some openings for Quiet Riot, Molly Hatchet, and Edgar Winter. 

John Polis Drummer The Verge

John Polis, Drummer, The Verge

Andy Garcia (aka “Vato Loco”), Bass  is a rocker at heart, “I love Metal music!! I’ve been thumping the bass for 42 years!”  Andy’s second love would be the drums.  “It all happened when I heard my brother listening to Kiss and that was it! My uncle owned a bar, had a country band and a latino band. I
learned alot because typically his bass player and drummer would be drunk by the last set so I got to fill in.”  Andy was born in Ohio, and also  lived in Colorado for about 15 years and then moved to Florida 10 years ago.  Since being in Florida, Andy has been sought after with many bands. Andy has performed with The Jack Mosley Band, The MacDaddy Band, Arden’s Rule, Mayhem, American Made, Wicked Karma, Aftershock and Gas House Gorillas and is a first call for many bands to fill in.  Andy’s influences are great bass players such as Geddy Lee, Steve Harris, John Paul Jones & Cliff Burton.

Andy Garcia Bass

Andy Garcia, Bass


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